More than simply a “workshop” or a “photo tour,” these may be better described as a combination of photo safari, adventure, and coaching, in a photography immersion environment of like-minded people. We will visit beautiful landscapes that lend themselves to exploring composition and making compelling and dramatic images. We’ll work with you to help you make your digital camera capture what your mind sees. Instructors know the areas well and can adjust itinerary based on conditions. Workshop sizes are kept small to ensure a more intimate learning experience, avoiding the feeling of being too crowded at shoot locations. I’ve chosen the instructors I work with carefully and they’re very knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, and very effective landscape photography instructors. After the workshop, we’ll add participants of that workshop to a private social media group where they can ask questions, get feedback, give feedback on other participants work, etc. I encourage you to read the testimonials at the bottom of this page. Hope you can join me sometime. --M

2021 Spring in Canaan Valley, June 11th - 13th

  • Bear Rocks at Sunset
  • Capturing the Dawn
  • Ground Fog
  • Signs of Spring
  • Natures Sculpting
  • Big Run Goodness
  • Sods Milky Way
  • Approaching Storm
  • Shays Swirl
  • The Tumble to the Blackwater
  • Cascade
  • River of Fog

2021 Spring in Canaan Valley, June 11-13th 

Canaan Valley and the surrounding area offer a unique landscape that looks more like parts of Maine or Canada than the Mid-Atlantic and Spring offers the possibility of storms, wildflowers, good water flow in creeks, and much more. If skies are clear we'll take advantage and do a Milky Way session. This workshop/tour will explore vistas, waterfalls, forests and more, and we'll visit a couple of locations that are off the beaten (photographed) path. Cost is $745. Alumni receive a 20% discount. For more info and registration please message me.

2021 Maine Coast Crawl, July 6th - 11th

  • Schoodic Sunset
  • Castine Harbor Pano
  • Bioluminescence and Acadia Night Sky
  • Portland Head Twilight
  • Pastel Acadia
  • Deer Isle Coastline
  • Rugged Schoodic
  • Catsine Mooring Field
  • The Sun Emerges
  • Stormy Sunset
  • Pumpkin Island Light

2021 Maine Coast Crawl, July 6th - 11th

This is the comprehensive Maine coast landscape photography workshop, co-lead with the great Mike Taylor. Join us as we make our way up the coast of Maine, from Portland to Acadia with many stops along the way. We'll visit lighthouses, working harbors, rocky coastline, and more on this 6 day adventure. This workshop will cover all things landscape photography as well as take advantage of the dark skies for Milky Way photography. There will be a post processing session as Covid allows). This workshop sold out in less than 2 weeks last year, and promises to fill up quickly again, so if you're interested please contact me for more info. Cost is $2,299. Alumni receive a 20% discount. For more info, or to register, please use this link*1 space remains*

2021 Autumn in Acadia Landscape Photography Workshop - October 14th - 19th

2021 Autumn in Acadia Landscape Photography Workshop, Oct 14-19th

Join Mike Taylor and me for Autumn in Acadia October 14-19th. This 5 day comprehensive landscape photography workshop will explore some of the most rugged and dramatic coastlines in the northeast. Experience and photograph fall foliage at places such as the Wild Gardens of Acadia area including the Jesup Path, Hemlock Trail and Great Meadow, Cadillac Mountain, the Jordan Pond trail, the Asticou Gardens, the Somesville Bridge and of course iconic spots like Thunder Hole, Otter Cliffs, Hunters Beach, Eagle Lake and more. We'll photograph sunrises, sunsets, as well as morning and afternoon light. And when the sun goes down we'll turn our attention to night photography. This workshop will of course feature lots of in-field instruction and post processing sessions TBD (depending on Covid). Cost is $2,299. Note: alumni get a 20% discount. For more info or to register, please use this link.   *4 spaces remain*

2021 Peak Fall Foliage, Canaan Valley October 8th - 10th

  • Capturing the Dawn
  • Fallscape
  • Forest and Fern
  • Off the Beaten Path
  • Foggy Fall Day
  • Douglas Falls, Fall 2017
  • Fall Flow
  • Sods Fall Sunrise
  • Early Fall Color
  • Change of Season at Shays Run
  • Shays Swirl, Fall Version
  • Sods Fall and Fog

2021 Peak Fall Foliage, Canaan Valley October 8th - 10th

We’ll be exploring and shooting some of the best color in the east in and around beautiful and rugged Canaan Valley, WV,. Your instructors for this workshop will be Martin Radigan and the great Robert Clark. Between us, we have spent countless hours exploring and photographing the Canaan Valley area of the WV Highlands. We are both very familiar with the landscape, the history, the trails and other aspects of this beautiful and rugged part of Appalachia. Waterfalls, vistas, forests, Dolly Sods and much more will make up this 3 day intensive landscape photography workshop. Cost is $745. Alumni receive a 20% discount. More info and registration here.

Private/Custom Workshops and Instruction

  • Fire in the Sky
  • Dawn, the Long Version
  • Seneca Stone Barn, Monochrome Panorama
  • Bridal Veil Falls

Please contact me to discuss creating a custom/private workshop for one to 5 or more people. These workshops can be tailored to accommodate your groups specific needs in a more intimate learning experience. I also do private and small group instruction. 


I just completed the Canaan Valley, Fall in the West Virginia Highlands workshop with Robert and Martin and couldn't be more thrilled. These guys are not only masters of photography, they also have an intimate understanding of varied locations and their habitat, and which spots will be the most productive given current weather and light conditions. I was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed my images at how much territory we covered and yet had needed time for breaks to stay fresh. Most impressive was the way Robert and Martin treated each participant with kindness and respect, watching everyone out of the corner of their eye. They would give you a concept and let you run with it or give more detailed instruction on composition depending on what you wanted. I learned a lot, came home with great images, made new friends and had great fun doing it! - Scott 2020

I want to thank both you and Bob for a fun and a very educational photo workshop. I had a great time, learned a lot and met some very nice people! You guys are awesome , very approachable, great teachers who had a wealth of knowledge to share and never once made me feel incapable. I am in gratitude to be under your tutelage. I’m so glad I found you and Bob. This weekend is not the last time you see me. -Rachel 2020

Praises to Martin Radigan! My expectations of the 2019 Fall WV Canaan Valley workshop were not only met but were far exceeded! Martin not only possesses the expertise, knowledge, and skill set to help enhance/advance one’s photography...but he is a genuinely caring individual. His personality truly demonstrates he's not in it just for the monetary gain. Perhaps this was best exemplified when he contracted a wicked head cold. Instead of modifying the itinerary, he forged on not allowing it to effect the workshop in any way. Additionally, not once did I feel as if I were “bugging” him with my questions...if anything I made myself feel guilty as he accommodated me. This carries on even after the conclusion of the workshop itself as he reaches out and continues to correspond with me. I will definitely attend another one of his workshops. Not just because of his expertise or that he places his students in awesome locations at the perfect time of the day or being very economically priced. But more so because I made a new friend that i would love to hang with and shoot with again. And time will tell if he feels the same and my kind words will be reflected in a “deep” discount for my next workshop...LOL! (Don’t tell him I’ll be back regardless!) -Gayle Ruble Jr 2019

I went on my very first landscape workshop with Martin and Robert and can not recommend them enough. Besides knowing the landscape and helping with composition they are a great people to be around!! -Stephanie T 2019

Recently finished the Coast of Maine Workshop with Martin Radigan and Frankie Kenneth! This was my third workshop with Martin, and he never disappoints! Lighthouses, harbours, rocky coastline, shacks, lobster traps, the milky way... Martin and Frankie worked relentlessly all day (and well into the night) to get us to the most interesting places in the best possible light. These guys were not only super knowledgeable and nice, they're also a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing what's next! Great experience at a price well below many competitors! --Mary Lynne W 2018 (You can see her work here:

I am happy to recommend Martin’s workshops unconditionally. I had a great experience at his “Off the Beaten Path” workshop in West Virginia. The student to instructor ratio was the lowest of the many workshops I have taken. Martin, Robert and Vernon are all very knowledgeable, patient, generous and were easily able to quickly adapt to each student’s skill level so that we were all able to improve without feeling overwhelmed or confused by too much information at one time. I came away from the workshop a better photographer and with many new friends. I’ll be back for another one. -Jeff McQuilkin 2018

I attend more photography workshops than I care to admit. Since I work a full time job and use landscape photography as a second income, I simply have no time for scouting and location planning; thus the workshops. I recently attended a Martin Radigan-Robert Clark two day West Virginia event and was extremely pleased with the results. Often workshops can range from 5 to 8 days. I felt as though I got as much good material in two days as I normally would get in five. This was the result of great planning from these two guys. In addition, I felt that they had a genuine concern that I got the images I wanted. A job well done!

--Danny Head Guntersville, Alabama 2017 (

Martin is extremely knowledgeable as a photographer. Not only that, but he also has extensive knowledge on wildlife. Something I find particularly important in the photography world. Martin's energy upon meeting him was enlightening. His enthusiasm truly echoed his passion for this art form. Being someone who tends to deal with anxiety often I could not have been more nervous for this workshop. From the moment I met Martin and Randall, I immediately felt at ease which played a huge part in the information I took home once the weekend was over. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in photography. I look forward to signing up for another workshop and working with Martin again in the future. --Nicole Talbott 2017 (

Martin provides a “quality” over “quantity” approach to all his workshops. From the beginning, you are immersed in your surroundings and presented with great photo opportunities. Along the way, Martin provides training/tips/tricks in a relaxed atmosphere. Every step is carefully designed to help you improve your skills while having fun. Through his workshops, you become part of a great group, enjoying the long hours and creating new friends. You don’t need the most expensive equipment to participate – you only need a desire to learn and be part of a fantastic environment. Keep up the great work, Martin. --Jay Putt 2017 (

Going on this workshop was really one of the best experiences I've ever had. The group was wonderful and Martin and Randy were knowledgeable, relaxed, and patient. I enjoyed the adventure of West Virginia. Martin and Randy showed me how to better orchestrate a composition, as well as get me more in tune with my camera and it's features. All in all, this workshop was wonderful, and well worth it! I will, without a doubt, be going on another workshop --Mike Chiodi 2017 (

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful landscape workshop experience in West Virginia in early October. The amount of planning, preparation, weather monitoring and scouting of photography sites that went into the workshop was quite impressive. It was so incredible to have the opportunity to shoot the Milky Way, sunrise and sunset, waterfalls and autumn foliage while receiving such excellent guidance and tutelage. You made the experience very educational and inspirational but also quite fun. It was a terrific weekend. Thank you for taking me outside my comfort zone and introducing me to the wonderful world of landscape photography. Many thanks, Suzanne. (You can see Suzanne's work at

I am sold on workshops now as a great way to meet people, push myself beyond my comfort zone, and learn all kinds of little tricks. You guys never stopped trying to get the most out of those rainy days for us, were never too busy to answer questions, were continually attentive to safety and our individual skills and capabilities, were always there for us with helping hand on the tougher trails and pushed yourselves to the limits for us! You scouted great locations, changed itineraries constantly based on weather and cloud conditions, knew what was and wasn't safe, prepared classroom presentations on shooting and processing techniques, were continually attentive individual skills and capabilities, and enthusiastically answered questions at every level. It was great! --Mary Lynne W 2016 (You can see her work here:

I attended a photo workshop in Maine led by Martin Radigan in August 2016. He was joined by co leaders Ben Williamson and Frankie Kenneth. This was an outstanding and immensely enjoyable experience. It was obvious that Martin and colleagues had spent a great deal of time in planning the workshop and scouting locations. The days were well thought out, but they were planned with flexibility in mind as the need arose. I was impressed with the amount of individual attention and dedicated instruction given to all participants. The leaders put the participants first when shooting in the field, and it was only after everyone was attended to did they themselves take any shots at all, an even then they would call you over an say "hey this looks like a nice composition" There was also excellent class instruction. Martin has a laid back easy going yet engaging personality, and is a gifted teacher. I can highly recommend attending any photo workshop he is involved in. --Bob G. 2016

Martin's Maine workshop was packed with amazing photography opportunities! Dawn to night, our days were well-planned and executed. Martin and his co-leaders knew exactly where to take us along the Maine coast. The weather cooperated (plus the workshop dates were chosen around the time of the new moon), enabling us to have three nights of wonderful astrophotography. As a photographer and workshop leader, Martin is talented, knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, and personable. --Liz Clayton 2016 (Liz's page:

Recently, I participated in an outstanding photography workshop led by Martin Radigan, held in the WV Highlands. Martin used his extensive knowledge of the area and monitored local weather conditions in order to choose locations that allowed the participants to photograph during optimal conditions. While designed to maximize time spent in the field, the schedule was flexible enough to accommodate the interests and wishes of the group. Each participant received individualized and small-group instruction on a variety of subjects, and had ample opportunity to practice those skills, in a wide range of settings and light conditions- from forests to waterfalls and from sunrise to sunset to nighttime. If you are interested in receiving top- notch guidance from a patient instructor amidst Nature’s finest landscapes, I highly recommend any workshop led by Martin Radigan. --Cindy C. 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 Spring WV Highlands Workshop. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and learn a some new techniques that will undoubtedly bring my photography to an improved level. I was able to shoot photos of things I have never had the opportunity to photograph: waterfalls, stars, Milky Way, etc. and I appreciate your patience as I took advantage of every opportunity afforded to me. The concepts and advice of composition, settings, filters and their use offered to the group were beneficial to all at each level of experience and I hope the others are as pleased as I am with the images created. Everything was as planned as it could be but itinerary structure was loose enough to flex to what the weather allowed. Thanks again for the late cold night in my quest to photograph the Milky Way, that was awesome! --Brad C 2016

I attended one of Martin Radigan’s, 5 day workshops traveling along the beautiful coastline of Maine this past August. Having never attended such a workshop before, I had no idea what to expect. Each day was filled with a new place, a different adventure and we were always learning new skills of which I will apply from this day forth. I admire Martin for the way he handled such a large group. We all were at different levels of experience with different expectations. Martin was always very attentive to our needs with an eagerness to help. He is extremely knowledgeable with the willingness to share. I love the fact that he had a great sense of humor, which only added to the joy of our trip. I look forward to attending one of Martin’s workshops again someday!   --Kim B Leether 2015

Hello Martin, Finally warmed up and dried off from Friday! :-) Just wanted to say thanks for a great day up in Canaan. It was such an encouraging atmosphere and I'm so excited to use all the things I learned. I'll definitely keep my eye out for future workshops and look forward to viewing and sharing with everyone on FB. It was a nice group of folks, a great day of learning, and a wonderful day out in nature! Thanks again!  --Rachel K 2015

I want to say thank you again for such an amazing experience. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for this workshop. I was hoping to learn a few things and have fun in the process. I never dreamed I would walk away with this much knowledge. I would have been completely happy if that is all I walked away with this weekend, but the endless laughs and new friends has made this a such an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. The patience you (and Randy) demonstrated during teaching is to be commended. I knew very little when I walked in on Thursday and you all patiently explained, and re-explained, until it finally clicked. I am very grateful for the patience, encouragement and passion you displayed throughout the workshop. I also want to say thank you for being attentive to the entire group. We had a very diverse group from skill level to personalities. Your concern for all was apparent and genuine. It can be very difficult to work with such a large and diverse group, but you did it flawlessly. I am very excited to continue to use my camera and new skills acquired this weekend. I'm even more excited that I feel like I am in a better position to continue to learn and grow because of the strong foundation you have built over the last few days. When I walked in on Thursday I couldn't even formulate a specific question because I knew so little and was very overwhelmed. Now I feel like I have the knowledge to seek, learn and ask specific questions to take my pictures to the next level, and then the next and so on. I certainly hope to participate in future workshops you host. I want to continue to become more proficient and, slowly but surely, upgrade my equipment in the process. Maybe next spring or fall I'll be ready for round two. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience!   --Stephanie J. 2015

I had the great opportunity to participate in a workshop Martin conducted in the highlands of West Virginia. It was my first workshop with him and I’m certain it will not be my last. I chose to join this group to get a new perspective on some familiar places, learn from others, and hopefully capture some quality light. Martin’s workshop delivered on that and much more. Everything was done for the participants in order to increase the number of “keeper” images we would take home and improve our skills. There was obviously a large amount of work that went into scouting the shooting locations, getting the group into the right place ahead of the light, and all of the logistical items that come along with providing a quality experience for the participants. We also benefited from excellent instruction on the use of our particular equipment, how the weather in that region contributed to our compositions and lighting, how to improve our overall compositions, and how to understand natural light in that environment. When someone like Martin is willing to offer a weekend of his time, share his photographic knowledge, assist you with improving your skills, and make the entire time enjoyable, how can you possible go wrong? It was fun, it was educational, it was fun, it was as challenging as I wanted to make it, and it was fun! I highly recommend Martin’s workshops to anyone wanting to experience new areas and improve their photography. 

--Mike C. 2015 (Mike's page:

Martin, it was a pleasure meeting you at the Potomac Highlands workshop last week. I learned a lot, had a great time and met a wonderful group of people. Thank you for your help and for taking the time to teach us new skills. I had never tried night photography before I met you but I am hooked now. Only problem is that it is hard to find locations free of light-pollution in the Cleveland area. Anybody can take good pictures but it takes special skills to be a good person and teacher. Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious and your willingness to share your knowledge with others is commendable. You are very patient, always willing to help and have the ability to work well with beginners as well as advanced photographers. These skills will serve you well in whatever you choose to do. I wish you luck and look forward to more workshops with you.  --A.S. 2015

Martin, I enjoyed the workshop tremendously! I learned to remember to slow down, think about composition, and use the techniques and equipment properly to get the image. You and Randall provided a well planned itinerary with such a great variety of places to shoot and lots of instruction in a very relaxed environment. I loved it and look forward to joining you again on another workshop!   --Risha Isom 2014 (Risha's website:

Martin is an excellent photographer and has a real gift of sharing his knowledge and experience with others. I learned more with him in one day than I have in week long courses elsewhere....highly recommend his workshops to anyone who wants to be inspired and take his/her photography to the next level!  --Jaki Miller 2014 (Jaki's website:

Hi Martin, Thank you so much for the Potomac Highlands photo workshop of West Virginia. I just came back to my home, NJ, safely. It was amazing weekend. We learned and captured so many different types of photographic subjects including sunsets/sunrise, waterfalls, wildflowers and night sky in short time. I really appreciate that you took us to amazing photographer's dream locations in West Virginia at “right light time” with technical advice. It could not be done without your help! I definitely would like to come back again! Thanks!!! 

--Yuko K. 2014 (see Yuko's work here:

Martin, I greatly enjoyed the “Peak Fall Color One Day Workshop” in the Dolly Sods and Canaan Valley regions. The vibrant fall colors and the locations we visited in the WV Highlands were some of the most beautiful and tranquil locations I have ever seen. I feel like the workshop was tailored to fit the needs of all levels of those attending; from beginners to advanced and already accomplished photographers. Not only did I walk away with a vast array of landscape photography tips ranging from technical support and in-field guidance, but I also left with memories that I will cherish forever. I look forward to attending another workshop in the future and would definitely recommend this to my friends or anyone interested in learning more about landscape photography.  --Heather S. 2014

Martin - The landscape photography workshop in the West Virginia highlands was everything I had hoped for and more. I came away from it not only with the tools I need to capture some of the most compelling sights in nature – from flowing water to the brilliant hues of sunrise and sunset to the alluring night sky – but with fond memories and some new friends, too. This workshop will not be my last!   --Ed F. 2014

If a picture is worth a thousand words then I am left utterly speechless by the images of the Potomac Highlands taken by Martin Radigan. I couldn't sign up fast enough when they offered a 1 day workshop exploring this beautiful area. Martin is an amazing photographer, teacher, and now friend. Yes, I had aspirations of understanding my camera better and hopefully taking a few really nice pictures of one of the most scenic places in West "by God" Virginia. But, I left with much more. And that is why I'll be back. My life is forever changed because of what I learned, the pictures taken, and the friendships formed. Thanks to all who helped to instill in me a greater passion for this art. I can't wait to do it again and hopefully reconnect with my new, equally passionate, friends.  --Diane C. 2014

Martin, I am so glad I got to work with you this weekend. You absolutely were my predominant teacher for the workshop and I learned so much. I want to show you my favorite picture of which I am impressed so much. I have not retouched this is the original and I LOVE IT. --MC 2014

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